Desktop Automated Dispensing System A/B Series

Most Accurate And Reliable Hardware Design and Manufacturing
Automated Dispensing System, Desktop robots are designed for high accuracy and long term reliability through using high quality components and machined parts to ensure the precision and long term stability. Both A and B Series automated dispensing system are not only suitable for development , prototyping but also perfectly good for heavy duty production.

Supreme Vision Alignment Technology
In addition to typical corner finder or template comparison, stream vision has exclusive software filters to handle difficult image processing for precise alignment.

Most Advanced Vision Software
Automated Dispensing Desktop robots system are using the most advanced vision software fully developed by in-house software team over a decade, which integrates most sophisticated motion control , vision alignment and aoi in the same software package. V2K dispensing software major features include :
  • CAD File Input And Dispensing Route Auto Editing And Optimization
  • Fast Global Alignment For Panelized Pcb
  • Intuitive User Interface For Quick Direct Teaching
  • Exclusive Vision Algorithms And Image Filters For Critical Vision Alignment
  • Synchronized Dispensing And Motion Speed To Ensure The Consistentdispensing Height At The Start, The End And The Crossing Point.
  • Automatic Dispensing Weight Measurement And Calibration
  • Fiducial On Fly
  • Height Detection On Fly For 3d
  • Remote Teaching
  • 5 Axis Motion Control On Z Axis
  • Post Dispensing AOI


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