Drop Speed  0 – 4 meter/sec ( optional for higher speed ) 
Drop Size  ( 1 nl ) 125um in Diameter ; ( Z Direction ) 1500 um 
Detectable Volume Range  0.2 nl –  50 nl ; optional smaller droplet. Various calculation required the use of diverse optical unit 
Detectable Satellite Size  couple of pico-liter or 5um Diameter 
Drop Angle Deviation  max 5deg ( in X nd Y Direction ). Employ angle tolerance as a criterion to determine good or bad result
Repeatability  CPK 1.66, tolerance 5%, standard  Deviation 0.5% *Jetting valve accuracy dependance
Pixel Resolution  2.8 µm
Optical Resolution < 2 µm
FOV Field of View  (WxH): 0.5mm x 2.5 mm
Measuring Frequency  50Hz, 100Hz, 200Hz, Optional : > 200Hz
Measurement Gap  (Z-dimension): max. 3.5 mm
Cemera Size ( thickness ) (Z-dimension): 2.5 ~ 3.0 mm 
Drop counting  Counting number of Drop 
Satellite counting  Counting number of satellites drops 

。Virtual 3D droplet monitoring in real time
液滴虛擬3D 即時監控技術

。Real time liquid drop volume measurement

。Real in line capability for any type of jetting valves 

。Optical measurement/ inspection/ production data acquisition/ quality assurance/ dispensing volume auto calibration
具備光學量測/ 檢測/ 生產線數據收集/ 品管/ 膠量自動調整等能力

。Liquid drop traceability during dispensing process

。With the integrated WebGUI, the operator gets the photos of the drops in real time on his PC, tablet or smartphone. The system thus can be set up quickly
內建WebGUI 操作者能在PC, 筆記型電腦或智慧手機即時擷取液滴影像,系統因此能快速容易的加以設定

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