In-line Dispenser SL Series

Highest Accuracy In The Market
SL Is Developed For Micro Fluid Packaging Process Of Which Dispensing Applications Require Extreme Precision In Repeatability And Position Accuracy . SL Series Dispensing Systems Has Very High Standards Of ±3 Um Repeatability And ±6 Um Position Accuracy And ±10 Um Jet Dispensing accuracy As XLS Gantry And Machine Chassis Are Designed Through Computer Simulation And Analysis To Ensure A Robust Machine Body With Compact Dimensions and Light Weight. SL Z Axis Payload Is As High As 15kg , Which Makes It Capable To Carry Different Dispensing Tools, Cameras, Laser Height Sensors, Curing Device And Etc For Different Process Requirements.

Dispensing With Aoi Capability
Post Dispensing Aoi Is Becoming Mandatory When Assembly Or Packaging Is Becoming Smaller And Smaller So As Dispensing Patterns Regardless Dots/line/bead/curve. Recently Some Dispensing Applications Requested Even Less Than 100um Dot Size. SL Machines Has The Option To Use The Same Camera Or Link To A Standard Alone Aoi Machine To Do Post Dispensing Applications. Ssi Dispensing Aoi Is Capable To Inspect Line Width, Dispensing Height, Air Bubble, Overflow, Satellite.

Most Advanced Dispensing Software V2K
V2k Is An Unique Software Developed Over A Decade By Ssi Software Team, Which Is Capable To Control The Motion Integrating Intuitive Vision Teaching And Alignment To Achieve Any Desired Dispensing Pattern In A Very High Speed Way. Some Of Features Include :
  • Alignment On Fly
  • Dots On Demand : Synchronized Motion And Jetting Speed, Eliminating Snake Head Phenome
  • Jetting On Fly
  • Height Detection On Fly
  • 3d Dispensing
  • Auto Refill
  • Dispensing Volume Auto Adjustment According To The Dispensing Gap Dimensions

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